Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Hump Day {YOUTUBE} Playlist

Happy Wednesday!

I thought I'd share a bit of what I've been listening to this month (when I'm not listening to the repertoire I'm working on or looking for new pieces),so I made a YouTube playlist. I suppose the styles of music aren't very diverse, but it fits with my as of mood lately.

My rehearsals have been cancelled for tonight so I spent a little more time on the computer this morning than usual and should be getting back to work.

Why are auditions so stressful, the other night i had a dream my plane exploded but I had just gotten off of it. but the plane was made of cardboard..
Does that mean anything?

I am really not looking forward to all these flights coming up. I've only taken one trip on a plane and hated it. the feeling of the ground being so far away is terrifying. and now i have to take 6 trips in the next two months. I'm in a panic..
Any one have flying tips?

And last night I had a dream that these three mischievous ghosts kept me from a performance of my concerto by like hiding my music and my dress and the dogs.. It was so frustrating and I kept finding them jamming out and they wouldn't answer my questions.. and by the time i got to the hall the concert had finished and the director was so upset and all my family and friends were disappointed.
such a terrible dream I woke in a panic and thought it really happened.

I think I'm going crazy..

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