Friday, January 11, 2013

Oboe Friday.

So last night I made myself an extra reed case.
There are a couple of Altoid reed cases for purchase on the internet, but I wanted it immediately.
I have no patience..
If i could make my own cell phone cases I would. But for the low price of four dollars I'll wait for my shipments from Hong Kong.
I have been using this old broken case for my in process not fully broken in reeds. The case had to be tied shut and sometimes for open and new reeds would be scattered in my bag and I would want to cry. Finally after this happened multiple times ( I don't learn the first time) I decided it was time for another case.

Anyways I chose this foam material in black and pink and tried to figure it out.
It is definitely not perfect but I think it came out pretty decent.
There was a lot of trial and error when it came to the "ribbon" which hold the reeds but  I think I figured out.
The next one will be much cleaner and more precise because I wont make it at 11 pm when I'm tired and frustrated.
Also I can make just about any color combination which is pretty exciting.
One can never have enough reed storage.

I'm also playing around with different materials and cases. So we will see what happens.
Ill keep you updated.

If you read this and want one let me know:)

I'll also update in a couple of weeks about how this holds up.

 And just because I thought it was pretty awesome here is a video of Christopher Redgate performing a piece he wrote for himself. The Sting of the Bee.

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