Thursday, January 10, 2013


Have you all heard about the Up series?

I Hadn't until i stumbled upon A Cup of Jo's recent post about the new release of 56 up.

If you don't already know the Up Series is a series of documentary films that began in 1964, which follows fourteen 7 year old British children and releases a new film every 7 years. The children are now 56!
The fourteen children were all from different socioeconomic backgrounds and the idea behind the series was to see if each childs social class would play a predetermining factor in how their life played out.

I have yet to start watching this series but luckily they are all (except 56) streaming on Netflix.
I'm actually really excited to start watching.

If you have seen any of the series , what are your thoughts on it?

***UPDATE -- 1-11-13***

So last night my husband and I watched the first two and a half videos of the series. 
We stopped mid 21 because it was 1:30 am and my husband fell asleep.
I'm hooked.
As of content it really is a bunch of interviews and if your not really into listening it might not be right for you, but give it a try anyway.
The videos aren't very long but each person has a chance to be interviewed and its very fun and exciting to watch them grow so fast and a little surprising to see how each person grown and develops.
If you haven't seen any of the series I highly recommend it
So excited to watch more tonight.
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