Thursday, January 10, 2013

our first family christmas card.

I know its a bit late but I completely forgot to share our first Christmas card!
We decided to do a Christmas/Thank you card since it was already 6 months in and not a single thank you was sent. and how could we send christmas cards before we mailed any thank you cards.
Didn't make sense.
I ordered the cards off of minted and the print quality was gorgeous. The colors were very rich and the paper was very thick and sturdy. my one complaint was the text box on the back of this design was small and there was no option to re size the box, so our text was teeny tiny.
My parents laughed because neither could easily read it, but i don't really care that much. i could read it just fine.
The picture is a bit silly and Chris looks like hes talking on the phone, but i loved this photo more because it was a bit off. We had a couple of options with us posed, but this was us right when we drove into the after party one bottle of champagne downed on the drive,  we didn't want it to go to waste, and about to go hide so we could make a grand entrance.
If you were curious about the back of the card here it is.
Illegible, I should've edited and re- ordered but it was so late I just wanted them shipped on time.
Lessons learned for next year.
It wasn't as bad in real life as it looks in the proof. It is readable in print just very very small..



  1. so, so precious! I love this happy photo.

    when did you guys get married?


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