Monday, January 7, 2013


Today Barack Obama (my snail) died.
He had been acting a bit sluggish the past few days but he usually did that from time to time especially if he was growing. So I didn't think much of it.
But tonight I came home from an audition to find this .
One of my shrimp eating Barack's eyeball!

To be honest, everyone in the tank was always trying to eat Barack.
But he never did seem to mind. He was so much larger than all the others.

Barack was a great snail and a joy to watch..
I will miss sitting by the tank and watching him, he was always doing the weirdest thing...

I always feel weird about being sentimental over the creatures in my aquarium but is really hard for me when one passes on.

When Pacquiao died a few two months ago it took me weeks to get over.
He truly was the greatest fish that ever existed.
and we tried so hard to save him bought fish medicine a hospital tank talked to a vet. But it was no good.

The whole reason we even had Barack was so Pacquiao wouldn't be alone all the time and could explore other creatures.

I swear I'm not that weird..

But I might have spent too much time watching Barack ( if there is such a thing) and I would like to remember him as he was and forget all I just saw.

R.I.P Barack...
The very large, very hungry, and always majestic apple snail.

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