Friday, January 25, 2013

My week in photos

My Grandmothers birthday was this week and a large group of us took her out to a nice dinner. she told so many stories. There was even an opera singer, who refused to sing German because it was an Italian restaurant but than offered to sing french and Spanish songs to the table next to us..

I had my first taste of Haggis at the Highland games.

Watched a few interesting sports. I don't know what this is called but they had to fling a ball of hay about two stories high and they just kept raising the bar. I think they said the hay weights about 80 pounds?
so many kilts.

There was even a station where children could throw hatchets.

I got a new thumb rest , the Ton Kooiman etude2. Hoping it helps with my thumb pain and wrist problems..
and yes, the Christmas tree is still up..

I've been getting up around seven thirty every day this week and finally started getting two to three hours in before lunch. 

been studying more for my entrance exams.
Chris has a concert this weekend so when he gets home he usually puts a few hours in and i study or act like a creeper until he is done.

I made a new recipe for vegan cranberry strawberry bread. I'll post the recipe later this week.

With my new added free time because i've been getting stuff done earlier I've had more cuddle time with the pups:)

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