Saturday, March 30, 2013

quick post.

I got accepted to Peabody!!! got the email last night.
This is truly insane, I never thought I was that good. I might be to hard on myself..
I've been accepted to every school i auditioned at..
This is crazy!
I'm loving the idea of Manhattan though, I truly love it there.
(plus i got offered a scholarship!!!!!!!!)Life is insane.
I will update with my official choice soon.
This is one of the craziest moments of my life.
I might just have a chance of making this oboe dream come true.
<3 p="">

P.s. still moving.
we hooked up power the other day which is supposed to include water, but the main is turned off because they are doing construction on the house infront of us? I dont know.
But the place is looking pretty good. So thankful I have amazing parents who will give up days of their time to help me paint and clean.

I feel so lucky.

..back to packing

P.s.s or is it P.p.s...
Happy Easter! Hope you all had a lovely holy week. If your into that:) if not, happy spring!
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