Friday, January 4, 2013

I finally got used to having this tree in my home and now its already time to say goodbye.
I've never had to get rid of a tree before, my family always had the artificial kind so we just packed it up and said see you next year.

Chris and I spent all night finding the perfect tree and I feel bad just throwing it out on the curb like I've seen all the neighbors doing..
We didn't throw out the pumpkin after Halloween. It was never carved and is still not rotten and is still on out stoop!

I don't know if it is silly to feel bad about the tree, but it isn't even dead..
When i think about throwing it out prematurely this scene pops into my head..

maybe if I take off all the decorations and put all my resolutions on it I can get away with calling it a new year tree..

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